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av Steven Ray Ozanich

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The Great Pain Deception

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Här hittar du all information du kan tänkas vilja veta kring The Great Pain Deception. Boken är skriven av författaren Steven Ray Ozanich. Silver Cord Records, Inc. är ansvarigt utgivande bokförlag och därmed de som gav ut boken. Utgivningsdatumet för The Great Pain Deception var 2011-12-13.

Originalspråket som Steven Ray Ozanich skrev och gav ut boken på var Engelska. Dess genre är Populärmedicin Smärta & smärtbehandling Terapier & healing vilket ger den som SAB. Boken finns i flera olika versioner men dess vanligaste format är Häftad (Paperback / softback).

Om du vill läsa The Great Pain Deception i traditionell inbundet format eller pocket så består den av 400 antal sidor. Dess fysiska dimensioner är 229 x 152 x 21 mm och den väger så mycket som 531 g. The Great Pain Deception ISBN är 9780615462219. The Great Pain Deception är en fristående bok .

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Fakta om boken

  • Boktitel: The Great Pain Deception
  • Författare: Steven Ray Ozanich
  • Genre: Populärmedicin Smärta & smärtbehandling Terapier & healing
  • Förlag: Silver Cord Records, Inc.
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2011-12-13
  • Pris: 231
  • Format: Häftad (Paperback / softback)
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 400
  • Fysiska dimensioner: 229 x 152 x 21 mm
  • SAB:
  • ISBN: 9780615462219

Vanliga frågor om boken

Vem har skrivit The Great Pain Deception?

The Great Pain Deception är skriven av författaren Steven Ray Ozanich

När gavs The Great Pain Deception ut?

Boken i den här utgåvan gavs ut 2011-12-13.

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Förlagets text om boken:  

“I recommend this book.” John E. Sarno, MD “I consider this to be the definitive encyclopedia of TMS.” Paul Gwozdz, MD “There is great wisdom and clarity here. I highly recommend this book and its message.” Christiane Northrup, MD “Steve has done an excellent job exploring the realm of mindbody medicine, making this an excellent resource for those who are still looking for answers.” Marc Sopher, MD “This is a really really great book!” Janette Barber Recipient of 2 awards in the 2012 International Book Award contest. The Great Pain Deception was awarded Runner-Up Finalist in “Best New Health Book” of 2012 and also honored as Finalist in “Health: Alternative Medicine.” Back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hand and foot pain, rarely come from herniated discs and joint failures. Pain, such as fibromyalgia, is a deception of the mind created by the brain to keep dark, threatening, and sad emotions from entering consciousness. The vast majority of pains and symptoms emanate from a mindbody process stemming from a personality of perfectionism. However, pain is not “in the mind” of the sufferer–and is often misrepresented as such by people who reject a mindbody process for reasons of ego and monetary gain. Symptoms inside and outside of the body are primarily the result of emotional conflict hidden within the body and outside of awareness. We live in a world of medical marvels. However, those marvels have become a double-edged sword, often creating more problems than they resolve. John Sarno, MD, at the NYU School of Medicine discovered in the 1970s that back pain was not coming from the things seen on the imaging, such as herniated discs, arthritis, stenosis, scoliosis, etc. Pain was coming from oxygen reduction through the autonomic nervous system due to elevated tension levels, but had been errantly linked to the “normal abnormalities” seen on MRIs and X-rays. Most physicians refused to believe his findings even though his success rate in healing the most troublesome of pain-cases was well above theirs. Dr. Sarno labeled the disorder TMS, or tension myoneural syndrome, currently being called The Mindbody Syndrome. Inside The Great Pain Deception Steve tells his compelling story of a 30-year battle with pain and ultimate healing after discovering Dr. Sarno’s work. After Steve healed he began receiving hundreds of emails, calls, and letters, asking for his help–too many to respond to, so he decided to write his experience down in a book. After 10 years of research, Steve has conveyed an amazing testimonial of triumph over tragedy, an inspiring story of healing that is a must read if you suffer from any ailment from mild to severe. The only thing standing between good health, and healing, is ego. Pain and unpleasant symptoms serve a purpose. Disease is the report card of how happy we are; feedback of a life not lived. Symptoms are anger flowing over into the physical realm, signs of internal c…

Utgivande förlag: Silver Cord Records, Inc.